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Types of Products Offered

Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advance is a type of funding that is not a loan. It is a purchase of a fixed dollar amount of a business’s future credit and debit card receivables. The Merchant Cash Advance provider purchases a specified dollar amount of your business’ future debit and credit card sales at a discount.

Purchase Order Financing

While the process of Purchase Order Financing (aka purchase order funding) is complicated, the purpose behind it is simple. Sometimes a small business gets a large order, but it lacks the financial resources to pay its suppliers to manufacture and deliver the product. A purchase order finance loan will pay the supplier on your behalf, allowing your business to fulfill the order. In order to qualify for purchase order financing, you must sell tangible goods (not services) to commercial or government customers. In other words, you must be a B2C or B2G business. Startups may qualify for financing if the owners have experience in fulfilling purchase orders, perhaps at a previous company.

Money Factoring

Money Factoring is a transaction in which a business sells its accounts receivable, or invoices, to a third party commercial financial company, also known as a “factor.” This is done so that the business can receive cash more quickly than it would by waiting 30 to 60 days for a customer payment.

Lines of Credit

Line of Credit is similar to personal lines of credit, such as credit cards or home equity lines of credit. You have access to a specific amount of financing—say, $50,000—but you don’t make payments or incur any interest until you tap into the funds.

Bridge Loans

A Bridge Loan is a short-term loan that is used until a business or company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation. This type of financing allows the user to meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow. The loans are short-term (up to one year) with fixed rates and are backed by some form of collateral such as

real estate or inventory.

Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing is a loan to help you afford new business equipment right away by using that equipment as collateral.

Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit Funding (also known as litigation financing, professional funding, settlement funding, third party funding, and legal funding) is the mechanism or process through which litigants (and even law firms) can finance their litigation or other legal costs through a third-party funding company such as Alliance Business Funding. The funding company provide cash advance to litigants in exchange for a percentage share of the judgment or settlement.

Church Loans

Church Loans can provide your organization with traditional commercial loans to build and grow your congregation.  A Church Loan will allow us to offer hybrid financing so you can hedge risk with the long-term bond component, yet have a potentially lower-cost, short-term commercial loan-borrowing component as well.